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About Us

ProPlay Volleyball Club was opened by Filip Tomicic with one goal in mind, to provide the highest standard of volleyball instruction. Coach Filip also wanted to build a foundation of skill and knowledge to enhance the personal drive for every athlete playing the game of volleyball. In order to accomplish that goal, ProPlay has a dedicated coaching staff committed to the highest level of excellence.  ProPlay’s coaching staff are some of the best coaches and tacticians in the game, as you can see in their bio's under "About Us." As a result, both the athletes and coaches are held to the highest standard of ethics, sportsmanship and commitment. ProPlay’s coaching staff will expand each athlete’s knowledge of the game, while improving their technique and building upon their confidence. An athlete’s success is not based on the outcome of the match, rather it is defined by  their learning and growth in leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork, and work ethic. This is how ProPlay Volleyball Club defines success and this is what we will instill in every athlete that joins our ProPlay family. 

ProPlay's Mission

ProPlay is focused on the development of talented and driven athletes as they strive for excellence and their personal best both on and off the court.

ProPlay’s Vision 

ProPlay is a leader in assisting each athlete with the pursuit of their goals and reaching their highest potential, whether that goal is at the club, collegiate or professional level.

ProPlay’s Values

• We value a competitive atmosphere that allows athletes to thrive  both on and off the court
• We value teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship
• We value both physical and emotional development
• We value giving an athlete every opportunity to excel in the sport of volleyball at an affordable price

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Phone: (714) 471-2570

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